Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Romance Was Born & Rebecca Baumann: Reflected Glory

Location: 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015, Australia

A Romance Was Born runway show is anything but typical, but this year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) they opted to show their creations through an exhibition. A worthwhile production seeing that they can manipulate a space more and create a bigger experience for the viewer than the small bump in and out time allotted for a standard show. 

The exhibition was by invitation only for it's launch, but later it is available to the public to enjoy until the 11th of May. Following the trend of democratising fashion weeks around the world where industry events are opening up to the public by live streaming shows, IMG selling designer product immediately after it is shown on the runway and consumer events like Mercedes Benz fashion Week Sydney and  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Weekend Edition an event produced for the public in the same venue directly after the industry event.

After many successful collaborations, for their 14/15 collections they teamed with Rebecca Baumann a multi-media artists to build some fantastic light installations that was very tailored to the collection's concept. 

Outfits should be named Diana Ross, The Supremes & Elizabeth Taylor

A suit for Ottoman or Indian royalty!

Romance Was Born X Rebecca Baumann: Reflected Glory at Carriageworks 9/4-11/5 2014. 
245 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW 2015

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